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How Do You KISS?

Keeping it short, sweetheart (KISS), in communication is the key to grabbing and keeping your target audience’s attention. Whether it’s a brochure, flyer or postcard, individuals want to be able to skim information to understand what they’re to do and learn how the information will benefit them.


Take a Chance on YOU

I’ve been working in marketing for more than 27 years, and I’m still learning new things. Heck, I still enjoy taking on new challenges, even when I’m in unfamiliar territory.

NCMPR often presents me with new challenges, allowing me the opportunity to grow in directions I never expected. I find myself taking on tasks I never thought I could, with constant encouragement from my peers.


It’s Not Always About Enrollment

NCMPR members who have attended a district or national conference have likely had the opportunity to hear Pam Cox-Otto speak. She co-founded Interact Communications, and she often talks about how we can do our jobs better by looking at the barriers keeping us from that goal. One of her ideas has always struck me as particularly helpful: nontransactional marketing.


Including the Student Voice and Perspective

At HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, we make sure that students are at the forefront of everything we do, including our integrated marketing communication efforts. If you see something related to HACC – whether it’s on our website, a print piece, in an email or on social media – the odds are very high that you are looking at a HACC student or successful graduate of our programs.