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How One College Decided to Focus on Its First-Gen Students

by Jennifer R. Young – SouthWestern State College – Fort Meyers, FL
College is complicated. Bursar. Registrar. FAFSA. Prerequisites. Credit hours. The jargon alone is difficult to understand. Then add in admission requirements, enrollment processes and financial aid forms, and applying to college can be overwhelming to anybody.


The Art of Fundraising: Top 10 Fundraising-Related Expectations of Community College Presidents

by John J. “Ski” Sygielski, MBA, Ed.D. and Linnie S. Carter, Ph.D., APR – HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College – Harrisburg, PA
Whether you’re a seasoned president, a relatively new president or a prospective president, these 10 fundraising-related expectations of community college presidents can help you embrace your roll as chief development officer.


Palo Alto College Celebrates the Cultures of South Texas During Latinx Heritage Month

by Jennifer Pue – Palo Alto College – San Antonio, TX
As we take time to learn about our nation’s history, it’s important to recognize the achievements and remember the challenges of our ancestors. By doing so, we’ll all gain a better understanding of our differences and backgrounds that ultimately make us one community.