How Will You Show Up in 2024?

by Jill Bennett
Anne Arundel Community College
Arnold, MD


How’s it going? Let me guess. Winter break is a distant memory. Your email box is flooded. Your calendar is packed. Possibly priorities are shifting, staff is changing and more.


Regardless of the good or bad that comes our way, we get to choose how we show up. In 2024, I plan to be intentional about showing up with some mad coaching skills. You can, too.


What Energy Do You Bring?
Whether online or in person, how you physically show up makes a difference. Do you bound into the office with a cheerful “Good morning!”? Do you make time to chat with your direct reports or team members? Small talk is not a time suck. If you feel scheduled too tightly to make it possible, now is the time to reassess your workload and priorities.


What’s Your Mindset?
Before you walk through the door or hit “Join” on the screen, check in with yourself. Are you feeling positive, open and curious or are you feeling exhausted, frustrated and cynical? How might that impact those around you? Consider what’s needed for the situation; you can reset by stepping away, stretching or taking a deep breath.


Are You Really Listening?
It’s easy to be distracted by your phone or computer in face-to-face meetings or cave to the temptation to switch off your camera and multitask while remote. Make this the year you stay focused on the conversation and ask powerful questions instead. I like to keep a note on my laptop that says, “What problem are we trying to solve? What’s the goal? What’s really being said? What value can I bring?” Try it.


What’s the Vibe?
In each interaction you have, what do you notice? How are others showing up and what is your intuition telling you? Use that to harness your own strengths and knowledge to better serve the group. Do you need to speak up or is it better to let other people weigh in?


Are You Putting Relationships First?
Solid relationships move the needle on success. Poor relationships undermine even the best ideas, software tools, streamlined system or insightful advice. No matter how many differing viewpoints you encounter, remember we all share the same goal of serving students.


Let’s keep these in mind as we show up just a little more awesome in 2024. You’ve got this!



Jill Bennett is the director of marketing and public relations at Anne Arundel Community College and an ICF certified life and leadership coach. For more information about upcoming leadership workshops, individual coaching sessions, or even becoming a coach yourself, please contact her at

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