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Leadership Institute Kickoff and Me

by Jaclyn Y. Garver – NCMPR National Office – Fort Wayne, IN
The outcomes and to-dos of leadership training have never appealed to me. But I do like seeing other people succeed, and I like helping a team work better and more cohesively together. As I learned from last year’s cohort, NCMPR’s Leadership Institute is about growing those kind of leadership skills.



by Debra McGaughey – Houston Community College – Houston, TX
NCMPR’s new DEI committee was born out of the nation’s fervent call for social justice in 2020. What is especially good about NCMPR’s DEI committee is its own diversity and intensive focus on the matter at hand. This committee has members from all over the nation. And it seems these members want to enact change not just because it’s good for their colleges, but because it’s the right thing to do for humanity.



Gallup (which runs CliftonStrengths) dives deep into how to maximize each of your strengths and how to work around it if particular strengths are a “lesser theme” for you (Gallup never talks about weakness or being bad at anything). Not seeing “Maximizer” as a top five strength doesn’t mean someone doesn’t strive for excellence – it just means that they may not be as selective about how they direct their energy.


Take a Chance on YOU

I’ve been working in marketing for more than 27 years, and I’m still learning new things. Heck, I still enjoy taking on new challenges, even when I’m in unfamiliar territory.

NCMPR often presents me with new challenges, allowing me the opportunity to grow in directions I never expected. I find myself taking on tasks I never thought I could, with constant encouragement from my peers.