Thanks Heather!

by Kyle Schwarm 
Wisconsin Technical College System
Madison, WI

At the NCMPR Conference, someone asked me how a president handles all the responsibilities of being president. This would include the travel, the writing, the committee work and even conference planning. My response was simply, “I don’t know. Ask me in 12 months.” I really won’t have a good idea of how to handle it until after it’s done. Our past presidents could give you an idea. Speaking of past presidents, Heather McDorman should be congratulated on a wonderful job as president. Heather set the leadership bar high, as she handled her year as president with professionalism and a high level of competence. She topped it off with a phenomenal national conference in Philadelphia. On behalf of the entire membership, especially those who could not be at the national conference to congratulate you, thanks for your great work in this leadership role.


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