Members Provide Valuable Input on Programming

by Kyle Schwarm
Wisconsin Technical College System
Madison, WI

Last week, NCMPR Vice-president/President-elect Sally Cameron and I had the pleasure of talking with several members in a Programming Advisory Panel. The Panel was set up as an online discussion group, as participants from various disciplines and experience levels offered help in guiding future NCMPR programming. This initiative, established as part of last year’s strategic planning, is intended to gather our members’ perceptions on programming in general. Overall, the comments were favorable, as the participants indicated a strong endorsement for NCMPR professional development offerings.

In addition to a number of programming suggestions, the members offered great ideas on how to format the NCMPR Conference, perhaps by tracks and levels of expertise. They also provided new ideas on program delivery, such as podcasts and on-demand video. The many suggestions will be taken into serious consideration as we begin to plan the programming for upcoming Webinars and the National Conference. Some of this valuable information has already been shared with the NCMPR Executive Committee, which is very interested in discussing them in more detail at the Strategic Planning session in June.

I want to thank the members who took the time to provide this valuable feedback to NCMPR, including Dewey Price, Butler Community College, Kansas; Erna Rhinehard, North Idaho College, Idaho; Hannah Feldman, Clark College, Washington, Debra Lavoie, York County Community College, Maine; Katie Shrank, The Michener Institute for the Applied Health Sciences, Ontario; and Eric Thatcher, Carl Sandburg College, Illinois. This group really did a great job on behalf of the entire membership.

If you have suggestions on programming topics or delivery, please be sure to let me know. The NCMPR Board values the input of all members.


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