Invest in Yourself This Fall

Mae Hanna
University of Cincinnati, Clermont College
Batavia, OH

Can it really be fall? Last week, I woke to 50-degree weather for the first time in months, so I believe the answer is yes! Fall has arrived and with it the annual ritual of students returning to our campuses and our daily routines shifting to that back-to-school pace.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the routine! With each new academic year I wonder, “What can I do to keep it fresh and new in my communications office? Are we keeping pace with our sister institutions in our region? What new communication trend will take over and how can we embrace it?”

Like our students that begin anew each academic year, we should continue to push ourselves and set new goals. With small staffs or dwindling budgets, it’s easy to say, “I have no time. We have no money. We can’t, or I can’t.” For parents out there, it’s like putting the kids first and not taking time to recharge yourself.

So this fall, I encourage you to invest in yourself. Take time to connect with your inner creative spirit in some way. Consider physical activities that get you out on campus and away from that computer monitor, iPad or blackberry (OK, I know you’re going to take your phone with you). The point is get out and walk, run or sit outside and eat lunch on campus. Practice what you preach to students – find balance in your schedule.

As you consider professional development, I encourage you to check out what NCMPR has planned this fall. District conferences are coming soon and offer a great way to connect regionally with your peers without traveling too far from home. The district conferences start later this month and continue through November. If you’ve never attended a district conference, I promise you will not be disappointed! Visit the various district pages on the NCMPR website (under “District Connections“) and check out their conference and programming details.

If travel is restricted in your area, I highly recommend our webinars, which allow you to pack your colleagues in your office and get the most bang for your buck.

Happy fall to all of our NCMPR members!

Mae Hanna is NCMPR District 3 Director and director of PR and marketing at University of Cincinnati, Clermont College in Batavia, Ohio.

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