Enhancing Connections Through Blogs

by Judi Sciple
Delaware Technical Community College
Dover, DE

When NCMPR decided to pilot a blog as an additional way for members to connect on a more personal level, I was all for it. I truly believe these opportunities provide a foundation for what we do best, connect to inspire and learn from each other. That is why I agreed to author this inaugural blog for the next eight weeks, where I will share my experiences as I visit the seven District Conferences and provide you with a glimpse of the smart, fun and amazing people I meet along the way!

Am I a little nervous? Absolutely! I have NEVER authored a blog before in my life. Sporadic Facebook updates, yes. But regular postings about my daily insights have never before been captured in print.

I look forward to using this opportunity to showcase the exceptional work of your NCMPR colleagues and I aspire to do it in a way that allows you to get to know me better as well. Because that is what it is all about – enhancing connections. These connections have proved invaluable to me in the 14 years I have been involved with NCMPR. They keep me abreast of best practices and link me to resources that help me do my job well. More important, they have guided me professionally and developed into lifelong friendships.

I am honored and excited to begin this blog journey and I invite you to join me as I find my way through this unfamiliar terrain. NCMPR Members can log in to the Members Only section and respond with their insights, thoughts and ideas for future posts, I look forward to the dialogue!

My travels begin on Sunday as I head to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to join my colleagues in District 5 for their “gold rush” themed conference covering topics such as doing more with less (relevant and timely for all of our institutions!), teamwork and design. From Delaware Tech to Sioux Falls, looking forward to sharing it with you!

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